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Welcome to Fuzzing Science! If you're into fuzzing, working on emulators, program analysis, or just love to tinker with random stuff, maybe you'll find something interesting here.

About me

I am Chaitanya (ant4g0nist), the founder of Yōkai Network. My main areas of focus include development and security, specializing in Application Security, Vulnerability Research, Fuzzing, and Exploit Development. Previously, I have worked mainly on fuzzing Apple iOS and Mac OS X Core frameworks, browsers and basebands. Developed various fuzzers and fuzzing frameworks for distributed fuzzing of Apple applications and grammar based interpreter fuzzing framework for languages like python, GLSL.

Some of the CVE's include, but not limited to:

If you're interested in discussing business opportunities, feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn at chaitanya-rk. You can also follow me on Twitter @ant4g0nist for my posts. Currently, I'm dedicating myself to learning all about program analysis, distributed technologies, machine learning and fuzzing. I'm always open to conversations about vulnerability research, fuzzing, decentralization, development, and brainstorming new ideas.

Some Interesting Projects I built

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